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Applicant Eligibility

Applicant Eligibility

신청 자격

Applicant Eligibility

Overseas publishers that have acquired rights for works that have previously received LTI Korea’s translation grant and are planning to publish themBook Proposals

Grant Details

Translation and publication subsidies

Grant Regulations

  • By language
언어군언어Translation GrantPublication Grant
AEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Nordic languages100%4.0 million KRW per title
BRussian, Chinese, Turkish, and Other European languages80% of Group A
CAll other languages60% of Group A3.5 million KRW per title

※ The publisher must submit 30 complimentary copies (or 50 in the case of an English-language fiction title) to LTI Korea.

  • By genre
GenreTranslation Grant
Fiction,  Drama, Humanities8 million ~ 14 million KRW
Poetry10 million ~ 12 million KRW
Children's books (excluding picture books)/ Graphic Novels5 million KRW

※ The amount is commensurate with the length of the book (Group A=100%).

※ However, if the original title is significantly long or short, the amount may be adjusted accordingly.

※ Funding for a series that contains two or more books is limited to one time. No additional funding will be provided.

Application Process


Application Deadline

Applications are accepted all year round.


Required Documents

    1. Grant Application Form Download
    ※ In a case you have a separate marketing plan, please fill out and submit the application for promotion and marketing support for overseas publishers. Link
    2. Translator Information Form Download
    3. Publication contract between the publisher and the Korean copyright holder
    4. Translation contract between the publisher and the translator
    ※ Please review the application materials – including the Grant Application Form and the Translator Information Form – before applying.
 제출 방법

How to Apply

  • Please email the application to the person in charge.

※ The overseas publisher must sign publication and translation contracts with the copyright holder and the translator respectively, prior to applying for LTI Korea’s translation and publication grant.

Post-selection Procedure

  • LTI Korea and the selected overseas publisher will sign a Memorandum of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the translation and publication grants.
  • Once the translation is completed and the publisher submits the final manuscript to LTI Korea, the translator or the publisher will receive the translation grant in full.
    The translation grant excludes the amount previously paid for the sample translation, and is paid in one installment.
  • Once the book is published and complimentary copies are submitted to LTI Korea, the publisher will receive the publication grant in full.
  • However, the publisher must submit proof of payment of any fees paid to the translator as per the agreement between the publisher and the translator. Should the amount of translation grant offered by LTI Korea exceed the amount specified by the aforementioned contract, LTI Korea may pay the difference directly to the translator.


  • Application documents will not be returned.
  • LTI Korea may cancel the grant and take steps to recover the grant money in any of the following cases: if any information provided in the application is found to be false, if the copyright holder has not consented to the publication, if it is found that the publishing contract has no legal validity, or if a significant reason for disqualification is subsequently discovered. All responsibility for any problems arising from this rests with the publisher.
  • Books that have received or are set to receive translation or publication subsidies from other institutions in Korea may be excluded or receive reduced funding. The publisher is obliged to notify LTI Korea in advance of other funding sources. If it is found that the book has received funding from other Korean institutions after receiving a grant from LTI Korea, steps such as nullifying the grant agreement and recovering the grant money maybe taken.
  • Grantees that have applied after March 2019 will receive their grants in Korean Won.
  • Overseas publishers that receive publication grant must specify LTI Korea’s support on the book’s copyright page.
  • Overseas publishers that have received publication grant should cooperate with LTI Korea in post-publication procedures, such as reporting annual book sales.

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