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The Seoul International Writers’ Festival(SIWF) is a global platform for literary exchange between Korea and therest of the world. The Seoul International Writers’ Festival has so far invited 296 writers from 60 countries to participate in various programs, thereby expanding opportunities for readers in Korea to enjoy literature. Through convergence with other cultural and artistic genres, it has become a truly rich and diverse festival.


2006NewnessSeoul and Yeongju-si20 Korean writers,
16 foreign writers
2008Communication + InspirationSeoul and Yeongju-si20 Korean writers,
20 foreign writers
2010Fantasy + EmpathySeoul and Jeonju-si12 Korean writers,
12 foreign writers
2012Reality + ImaginationJeju-do and Seoul10 Korean writers,
10 foreign writers
2014Eros and DreamJeju-do and Seoul14 Korean writers,
14 foreign writers
2016The Forgotten and the UnforgettableSeoul14 Korean writers,
14 foreign writers
2018Nowhere/ Now HereSeoul and Paju15 Korean writers,
14 foreign writers
2019Thousands of Mirrors Reflecting UsSeoul18 Korean writers,
13 foreign writers
2020Writing TomorrowSeoul14 Korean writers,
11 foreign writers
2021AwakeningSeoul17 Korean writers,
16 foreign writers

2022 Seoul International Writers' Festival

Schedule / Venue

September 23 (Fri) ~ September 30 (Fri), 2022 / Seoul, Korea

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