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Launched in 2006, the Seoul International Writers’ Festival (SIWF) is a global literary festival aimed at expanding opportunities to enjoy literature and providing a platform for international exchange in Seoul. Between 2006 and 2023, a total of 313 writers from 61 countries were invited to take part. By focusing on the multilateral impact created by writers and readers as well as life and literature, the SIWF aspires to develop into a festival of international renown and scale.

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Year Theme Location Writers
2023Crossing the Bridge of LanguageSeoul14 Korean writers, 10 international writers
2022 Beyond Narrative Seoul 23 Korean writers,
12 international writers
2021 Awakening Seoul (online) 17 Korean writers,
16 international writers
2020 Writing Tomorrow Seoul (online) 14 Korean writers,
11 international writers
2019 Thousands of Mirrors Reflecting Us Seoul 18 Korean writers,
13 international writers
2018 Nowhere/ Now Here Seoul and Paju 15 Korean writers,
14 international writers
2016 The Forgotten and the Unforgettable Seoul 14 Korean writers,
14 international writers
2014 Eros and Dream Jeju-do and Seoul 14 Korean writers,
14 international writers
2012 Reality + Imagination Jeju-do and Seoul 10 Korean writers,
10 international writers
2010 Fantasy + Empathy Seoul and Jeonju-si 12 Korean writers,
12 international writers
2008 Communication + Inspiration Seoul and Yeongju-si 20 Korean writers,
20 international writers
2006 Newness Seoul and Yeongju-si 20 Korean writers,
16 international writers

2024 Seoul International Writers' Festival

Schedule / Venue

September 6th ~ 11th, 2024 / JCC Art Center(Seoul, Korea)

“Particles & Waves”

in Charge